World Congress of Science & Factual Producers: Beyond Reality

Not so much a session as an experience, we present the most exciting new work in virtual and augmented reality, from onstage dinosaurs to try-your-own coma, and explore whether this is the next big thing that will revolutionize how we tell stories or another passing fad that’s about as exciting as 3D. Plus, get an opportunity to network with the VR experts and find out the best way to take your projects beyond the screen and into viewers’ heads. Bring your phone (Android or iOS only, most recent software versions please), get your free cardboard viewer, and step ‘beyond reality.’

Session Producer: Thomas Viner

Moderator: Chris Hoelzl

Speakers: Oscar Bastiaens, Barnabas Nanay, Thomas Wallner

Demonstrators: Caroline Behar, Beth Hoppe, John Smithson

The annual World Congress of Science and Factual Producers features an outstanding program of panels, networking events and pitch sessions that illuminate industry trends and showcase excellence in factual programming. It is a must-attend event for industry professionals working in specialist factual television.

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