The Online News Association’s 2015 Conference: Virtual Reality in a Material World

Over the past three years, VR journalism has proven it can create compelling, immersive stories unlike anything our communities can experience online. We’ve assembled some of the most intrepid pioneers of this new medium, who will show us how they’ve developed content, and demonstrate what the future holds.

A sampling of what you’ll see in this session includes:

Emblematic Group’s Nonny de la Peña, the “godmother of virtual reality,” talking about her team’s work creating Project Syria, Hunger in LA and other immersive experiences.

Aaron Luber, head of partnerships with Google Cardboard, will discuss Cardboard’s rapid expansion and how it’s captured the public’s imagination.

Ray Soto will describe Gannett’s Harvest of Change project and beyond.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Thomas Wallner will discuss his astonishing Polar Sea 360documentary film.

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Watch the video recording of the session here

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