MUTEK Montreal VR Salon invites DEEP Inc. to present LIQUID CINEMA


MUTEK Montréal VR SALON, explores the rapid transformations affecting all aspects of virtual reality creation.

Distinguished among the many recent virtual reality events for its professional format, in-depth and up-to-date encounters with the issues, and commitment to practical and artistic engagement, it continues to build on its reputation as an essential destination, creating lasting encounters between local, and international creators and producers.

This year’s program dives even further than previous editions with a trajectory of activities over 2 days that cover the entire workflow of virtual reality.

DEEP’s Franz Hildgen will join an esteemed group of creators  and present a preview of the Liquid Cinema authoring tool as part of the  Techniques and Tools for 360° Shoot panel this Friday, November 11, 10:45am at the Rialto Montréal.

Mutek delegates will be one of the first to see a demonstration how Liquid Cinema™ beta tool takes the first bold step towards forging a new visual language that leverages the immersive and fluid nature of cinematic VR.

Participants: Philippe Belhumeur & Samuel Greffe – Normal Studio (CA) / Thomas Wallner & Franz Hildgen – Deep Inc. (DE/CA) / Robin McNicholas – Marshmallow Laser Feast (UK)