IDFA DOCLAB: Beyond the Roller Coaster

Virtual reality has quickly become the most talked about technology in the media industry. It triggers the imagination and its possibilities seem endless. But what are the VR opportunities for non-fiction storytellers? How can you construct a story as a filmmaker in a world that the viewer can explore on his or her own? What are the challenges and pitfalls that come with the various techniques? VR pioneers Ziv Schneider (RecoVR: Mosul), Jessica Brillhart (Google) and Thomas Wallner (Liquid Cinema) share their experiences and showcase their work illustrating the medium’s different approaches. Moderated by Katy Morrison (VRTOV).

Speakers Include:

Ziv Schneider
Jessica Brillhart
Thomas Wallner
Katy Morrison

Alongside the festival program, DocLab Academy offers a training program for new interactive talent from all over the world. This program includes panels, network events, expert meetings and the a series of hands-on workshops. DocLab Academy events are invitation only.

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