Hackathon: Immersive Storytelling & Virtual Reality

360 degree video are conquering the internet, but how to develop the stories accordingly is still new territory for most filmmakers and spectators. With the use of VR goggles viewers can have a more intense experience than ever before. The two day “hackathon” in the Bavaria Film center started with lectures on the subject of virtual reality storytelling, 360 degree film production and the correct handling of the technical equipment. The goal of the three day event is for it to jointly develop creative products and ideas.

Taking place in Munich at the Bavarian Film Center, speakers include:

Thomas Wallner (key note) – DEEP Inc

Nicolas Jolliet – DEEP Inc

Michael Meier – Institue of Broadcasting Technology

Dr. Peter Popp – FullDome 360 Filmproductions

Richard Joerges  – Dexperio

Thomas Fickert – Dexperio

Astrid Kahmke – Storytelling in VR

Profesor Egbert van Wyngaarden – Storytelling in VR

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