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Liquid Cinema and Edge of Space at FIVARS

Join us at FIVARS, Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Storytelling in our home town Toronto from Friday Sept 16 to Sunday 18. Edge of Space is running in the selection of the festival, and DEEP/Liquid Cinema will be present with a booth.

Visit us at NAB

Come and say hello if you are coming to NAB! DEEP will have a booth at the Virtual and Augmented Reality Pavilion, where we will be demonstrating our Liquid Cinema software for on GearVR, Web, Android and iOS platforms.

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Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois

Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois is since 33 years a staple of Quebec and Montreal’s cultural panorama. Each year for 10 days, some 400 artists, artisans and industry professionals join the moviegoers and the general public to celebrate Quebec cinema of today and tomorrow.

World Congress of Science & Factual Producers: Beyond Reality

Not so much a session as an experience, we present the most exciting new work in virtual and augmented reality, from onstage dinosaurs to try-your-own coma, and explore whether this is the next big thing that will revolutionize how we tell stories or another passing fad that’s about as exciting as 3D. Plus, get an opportunity to network with the VR experts and find out the best way to take your projects beyond the screen and into viewers’ heads. Bring your phone (Android or iOS only, most recent software versions please), get your free cardboard viewer, and step ‘beyond reality.’

IDFA DOCLAB: Beyond the Roller Coaster

Virtual reality has quickly become the most talked about technology in the media industry. It triggers the imagination and its possibilities seem endless. But what are the VR opportunities for non-fiction storytellers? How can you construct a story as a filmmaker in a world that the viewer can explore on his or her own? What are the challenges and pitfalls that come with the various techniques? VR pioneers Ziv Schneider (RecoVR: Mosul), Jessica Brillhart (Google) and Thomas Wallner (Liquid Cinema) share their experiences and showcase their work illustrating the medium’s different approaches. Moderated by Katy Morrison (VRTOV).

Hackathon: Immersive Storytelling & Virtual Reality

360 degree video are conquering the internet, but how to develop the stories accordingly is still new territory for most filmmakers and spectators. With the use of VR goggles viewers can have a more intense experience than ever before. The two day “hackathon” in the Bavaria Film center started with lectures on the subject of virtual reality storytelling, 360 degree film production and the correct handling of the technical equipment. The goal of the three day event is for it to jointly develop creative products and ideas.

Changing the Picture: VR & AR – a new medium for narrative film-making?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are ground-breaking immersive technologies, changing the visual landscape for film-making and the entertainment industry as a whole. They are all about storytelling, world-building and striking an unprecedented resonance with the audience. International industry professionals working with virtual and augmented reality technologies daily discuss how they will influence future production techniques and audiences.

Scoop Camp 2015

“Today’s journalism is located in the digital transformation. At Scoop Camp we will again showcase groundbreaking international examples that demonstrate what is possible when journalistic and technological expertise come together”
-Meinolf Ellers, co-founder and managing director of dpa-infocom GmbH

BIFF – Masterclass: Get the Message Out

A logical progression from last year’s BIFF and UiB “Golden Owl” (Gulluglen) prize for the best film about science and research is the inclusion this year of a Masterclass in science communication.

The Masterclass invites you to a dialogue between filmmakers with solid experience in using science, researchers who have used film as a medium for broader communication and televisual experts focusing on popularization of scientific topics. The focus will be how to spread vital research to more people using films, long or short. Come and get to know the filmmakers, broadcasters and scientists and help us all improve our ability to communicate science to a broader audience.

BIFF: National Documentary Seminar

The theme of this year’s documentary seminar is virtual reality and interactivity – and the many possibilities in digital storytelling presented through VR-glasses, 360-degree film and interactive websites.

The seminar is connected to BIFF Expanded, and the 12 projects in the crossover segment that can be experienced at Visningsrommet USF and at Rom 8 in Vaskerelven.

Three digital pioneers – Thomas Wallner, Phil Harper and Mark Atkin – will each hold a masterclass about a field in rapid development.

The Online News Association’s 2015 Conference: Virtual Reality in a Material World

Over the past three years, VR journalism has proven it can create compelling, immersive stories unlike anything our communities can experience online. We’ve assembled some of the most intrepid pioneers of this new medium, who will show us how they’ve developed content, and demonstrate what the future holds.

The Online News Association’s 2015 Conference: 360 Video of Any Size

New immersive storytelling tools may seem financially out of reach, but newsrooms of nearly any size can create experimental prototypes with affordable, consumer-model 360 video cameras. Thomas Wallner, award-winning director of Polar Sea 360, will share his expertise on best practices, as well as where technology and narrative story can best interact.

Sunny Side of the Doc: R&D Exclusive

Digital technology, social networks and people power are a heady combination when applied to natural history, and considerably strengthen audience engagement. Join Thomas Wallner, founder of DEEP Inc., for a breathtaking journey through the North West Passage in “Polar Sea 360°”, the very first 360° documentary in the world, along with a unique interactive experience.

Cross Video Days – Virtual Reality, The New Frontier: Meeting The Explorers

Virtual reality creatives did not wait for the helmets to reach to shelves to get an early start on experimenting on tomorrow’s content. Virtual reality offers a great experimentation field where everything is challenged : new technology, new visual experience, new creative codes, new production models.

Sheffield Doc Fest – Crossover Summit: The New Language of VR

In a medium that breaks the fourth wall, where traditional film language seems to no longer apply, how do we create emotionally engaging stories? Is VR the inevitable evolution of film or is it an entirely new medium that marks a total departure from conventional cinema? Can some of the vocabulary of conventional film be ported to VR or will it be necessary to invent a completely new visual language?

SXSW: Trailblazers in VR Domain

We are witnessing an unprecedented evolution in VR that will lead to new forms of entertainment experiences.

Everyone dreams of the VR cinema of tomorrow but it is clear that porting over the storytelling language of traditional cinema is not the answer. Or is it? How do you tell an emotionally engaging story in VR?

Join a conversation moderated by producer Amit Breuer with trailblazers sharing their discoveries and challenges in producing and engaging audiences in VR: Jason Rubin, Head of Worldwide Studios at Oculus VR, Wolfgang Bergmann, CEO of ARTE Germany, Europe’s largest cultural network who is exploring VR as a content platform to reach audiences, and Thomas Wallner, head of DEEP360, a Toronto company developing tools for VR based cinema.