Nicolas Jolliet

Head of Research and Development, 360 Cinematographer

Nicolas Jolliet has spent over twenty years traveling and hunting for pictures, sounds and stories. Whether searching for the best Oud maker in Kurdistan, following the Guerimperos of the Amazon or filming the rat eating tribes in India, Nico thrives on telling stories from the most interesting places in the world. An accomplished filmmaker, photographer, recording engineer and writer, Nico has made two feature documentaries, Harvest, and Aluku Liba, both of which were well received at international film festivals. Nicolas spent a month in Haiti following the earthquake, where he directed, shot and edited 29 mini-documentaries for TVO’s multi-platform documentary project Inside Disaster Haiti.

In the past five years Nico has specialized in aerial videography, flying his cameras in the world’s most demanding environments including Africa, the Amazon, India and Borneo on films such as Quest, BBC’s Bruce Parry’s epic exploration of the lost tribes of the world. At DEEP, Nico is drawing on his extensive audio engineering, cinematography and aerial videography expertise to develop custom VR video and audio capture systems and workflows.


  • Songs of Freedoom

  • Liquid Cinema

  • Harvest

  • Aluku Liba

  • Quest

  • The Message

  • The Nature of Things

  • Survivorman

  • 4Direcciones Projects

  • Lakou Mizik

  • Inside the Haiti Earthquake