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 360 Video/VR Production

DEEP has been been pushing the boundaries of 360° immersive storytelling with original content created in collaboration with internationally renowned broadcasters, producers, funders and technology partners such as ARTE, BR, NDR, ZDF, VISION, GEO, Spiegel TV, the Canadian and French Space Agency, The Canadian Media Fund, The Bell Fund and The Fraunhofer Institute.

Our team has been applying cutting edge technologies to tell engaging award winning interactive stories for over a decade. Our studio represents a rare synergy of creative and technical innovators with a deep understanding of traditional story-telling applied to interactive and immersive media.

At DEEP we believe that the future of film and television will be immersive and that an unprecedented revolution in imaging technology is giving rise to a new form of virtual reality based cinema.

Our highly skilled team of filmmakers, producers, creative talent and software developers cover all aspects of 360/VR production from concept and story development to custom video capture and 3D sound solutions, high end 360 drone photography and visual effects.

As developers of proprietary software and custom capture solutions we are able to provide you with with end to end solutions for all your cinematic VR production, postproduction and distribution needs.

Our producers have a long history of accessing digital media funds locally and internationally for large scale productions allowing DEEP to act as German or Canadian co-producers for domestic and international co-productions.

We can work with you in a consulting capacity, service work arrangement or as co productions partners.

Custom Software Solutions

DEEP has a highly experienced team of senior, developers (15+ years experience) specializing in iOS, Android, OpenGL and WebGL development for VR. Our software solutions and tools are based on proprietary software written from the ground up using platform specific native languages.

Our Liquid Cinema VR platform includes a suite of sophisticated cross platform 360/VR players and authoring tools, streamlined for performance and geared to give audiences an optimal cinematic VR experience across multiple devices.

Liquid Cinema was conceived to provide audiences with the best narrative VR experience possible, while giving content creators and distributors an out of the box, standardized solution to deploy cinematic VR and 360 video in a scalable and cost effective manner.

We can help you reach your audience with VR and 360 Video content using YOUR brand.

We provide custom software solutions for customers with single projects to large scale organizations wanting a 360 Video/VR distribution platform.

  • We build custom 360/VR apps for mobile, Apple TV and the web.
  • We provide SDK’s (iOS, Android, WebGL) to customers wishing to build new or integrate into existing apps.
  • We can set up a cross-platform VR distribution platform for your channel, organization, or online content destination.

Our clients and partners are broadcasters, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, TV/Film production companies, and educational content providers.

If you have a project or are interested in knowing more please contact us by filling out the form below. Please tell us a little bit about yourself so that we can better fulfill your needs.


Training and Consulting

DEEP provides training and consultation on everything related to 360/VR filmmaking, from concept development to capture to stitching, authoring and publishing. We have given hands on training in numerous workshops at conferences and provided training and consulting to broadcasters and large production companies around the world to get them up to speed on 360 video and VR production saving them time and money.

Our philosophy at DEEP is to empower YOU with the necessary knowledge, software tools and best practices to create great cinematic VR experiences for your audience or customers.

We can provide training and consultation to your organization in the following areas:

  • concept and story development for VR filmmaking
  • 360 video capture and workflows
  • 3D sound capture and post work workflows
  • setting up a robust stitching workflow for pre-stitching and fine-stitching
  • setting up best practices for creating legacy proof material
  • establishing best practices around media management for spherical video and audio production
  • consult on hardware and software acquisition for VR production for your organization

Do you want to arrange a workshop on 360/VR filmmaking by DEEP? Sign up here!