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Genre: Alternate Reality Game**

Writer/Producer: Thomas Wallner

Produced by Xenophile Media in association with Shaftesbury Films


The Regenesis Extended Reality Game was a pioneering effort and landmark in terms integrating interactive media elements into a television series. It was the first ever successfully deployed alternate reality game paired with a major television broadcast.

The game was paired with ReGenesis a Canadian television series produced by The Movie Network and Movie Central that revolves around the scientists of NorBAC (“North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission”), a fictional organization with a lab based inToronto. The organization investigates problems of a scientific nature, such as bio-terrorism, mysterious diseases or radical changes in environment throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

An exploratory game, the ReGenesis Extended Reality draws viewers into a conspiracy and mystery that weaves in and out of the TV series, using over nine distinct websites, email, telephone, podcasts, video on demand and live events to immerse the viewer, blurring the line between fiction and reality. ReGenesis Extended Reality harnesses the power of enthusiastic fans that seed the site with discussion content and collaborative investigations to create a wholly new interactive experience.

The Extended Reality Game features nearly two hours of exclusive video footage shot on set with the principal actors. The experience begins with an interactive virtual tour of the NorBAC laboratory where players are tested and recruited to become NorBAC Field Agents. Each week, a new mission launches in tandem with each broadcast episode to tell another part of the story. Players see their actions reflected in the series, as clues from the online world begin to influence the characters onscreen. The season two finale featured an entirely synchronized double broadcast from multiple camera angles, both online and on television.

The series was originally seen on The Movie Network and Movie Central with rebroadcasts on Global and Showcase in Canada. Internationally it can be seen on FX in the United Kingdom, The Science Channel, Halogen TV and in syndication and CW Plus in the United States, and FX Latin America in Mexico; as well as numerous broadcasters in Europe and Asia.

**Alternate reality games (ARG) blend the game world with reality, using many forms of media to deliver an interactive narrative. ARGs empower players as investigators who collaborate to uncover the story and solve plot based challenges. To read more about ARGs click here.


Season 1:

Canadian New Media Award – Excellence in Cross-Platform

FITC Award – Best Convergent Program

Season 2:

International Emmy® Award – Best Interactive Program

Gemini Award Best Cross – Platform Project

Canadian New Media Award – Excellence in Cross-Platform

Banff World Television Award – Best Interactive Program