The Fallen Alternate Reality Game (also known as “The Ocular Effect”) began with a mysterious puzzle ball called the Oculus (www.oculareffect.com) that appeared online weeks prior to the July 2006 broadcast premiere of the television movie Fallen. Unlocking the Oculus reveals the story of a young girl named Faith Arella who undertakes a journey in search of her origins. Shot at various locations around the world, Faith travels from her home in Seattle to California, Florida, Australia, India and Turkey, all the while guided by an online community of players participating in an international scavenger hunt for clues.

By using complex Flash content, multiple fictional websites, live events and on-location video, the game followed the characters on their quest, taking players on a virtual journey filled with collaborative puzzles, challenges, as well as online and off-line tasks. With new videos, 360 degree panoramic photographs and hints released on the main character’s blog, the Fallen Alternate Reality Game created a whole new experience for Fallen fans, while the online community exploded with activity.

Fallen was assembled and managed by an international team of 110 people. The site attracted 2.8 million unique visitors and 250,000 game players.

**Alternate Reality Games (ARG) blend the game world with reality, using many forms of media to deliver an interactive narrative. ARGs empower players as investigators who collaborate to uncover the story and solve plot based challenges. To read more about ARGs click here.


Primetime Emmy® Award (Outstanding Interactive Television Program)
South by Southwest Award (Best Experimental Project)
Banff World Television Award (Best Interactive Program)