Product Overview

LIQUID CINEMA™ is a revolutionary software product that allows the creation and distribution of highly sophisticated immersive 360 VR based cinema experiences. It puts easy to use affordable authoring tools in the hands of producers, filmmakers, and interactive artists, while at the same time giving online content producers, such as broadcasters an out of the box solution to distribute cinematic VR content to audiences around the world, via the web, mobile and dedicated VR devices in a cost effective manner.

No currently available products meet this need. Current software solutions that allow for the playing of spherical video content are not streamlined/standardized across platforms, do not support narrative use and need the skills of specialized costly developers to implement. This makes ongoing 360 content production and distribution excessively expensive for producers and broadcasters. LIQUID CINEMA™ solves this problem by integrating the necessary easy to use tools into existing workflows making VR content production and distribution economical for all involved parties.

LIQUID CINEMA™ is being evolved in collaboration with the CMF, ARTE, the Fraunhofer Institute and Bavaria’s public broadcasting service.

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