What We Do

DEEP is a studio dedicated to exploring and defining the evolving language of cinematic VR.

Led by multiple Emmy Award winning filmmaker and innovator Thomas Wallner our aim is to create highly immersive, meaningful stories, that transport the viewer while making the underlying cutting-edge technologies invisible.

To meet this challenge DEEP is evolving Liquid Cinema™ a suite of sophisticated proprietary players and tools that allows the authoring and distribution of story based cinematic VR content across multiple platforms and devices.

  • We will help you create

    We provide end to end cinematic VR production expertise from story development to capture, stitching and special effects

  • We will help you build

    We can provide you with a custom VR distribution platform or build custom 360 video and VR experiences for the web, mobile, and VR devices such as Oculus Rift and GearVR

    Explore Liquid Cinema™
  • We will help you learn

    We can provide you with consultation and training in all areas of 360 video and cinematic VR production and deployment


Recent News & Announcements

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DEEP 360 Magazine

Our collection of 450+ articles on all things relevant to VR based Cinema on Flipboard. From the latest camera technologies and VR product releases, to Ted Talks  and VR research studies.